BRIOVY Plastic Genius Virat Kohli Popular Willow Cricket Bat with Ball (Multicolor, Full Size)

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World-Class Sporting Goods.

This Tennis Ball Cricket Bat is designed to be used specifically with a tennis cricket ball. Produced with wood and a rubber sleeve, it’s a great way to practice your swing and hitting the ball.

Rounded handle made from Sarawak Combination

Tennis Ball Cricket Bat Handcrafted using reinforced wood for long-term strength, this is the perfect bat for home or club play.

It features an excellent handle, reinforced with firmly wound string and a rubber sleeve for increased durability, and is made for use with tennis balls only. Great for beginners, this bat will give those just starting to play the game a good feel and performance level.

Handle is Specially designed for shock absorption

Weighs Only 950-1000 g. Each full size bat is lightweight at only 950-1000 gm, allowing you to hit the ball with both speed and power.This comfy handle allows for longer practice sessions so you can enjoy playing for hours on end.

Handle Grip for Control and Comfort

The right weight, you will be able to time the ball better and ultimately make more runs. Superb Pick-up. Each Cricket Bat gives a precise design and shape for the best performance.

38-40 mm Edge Thickness

This unique shape superb pick-up, making the bat feel lighter than it actually is and making it easy to control when swinging and hitting the ball. Easy, comfy Grip. Outfitted with a rubber sleeve for extra comfort, the Cricket Bat is easy to grip and hold for lengthy periods of time.

Briovy Cricket bat


Game Changer English Willow Cricket Bat from Online

professional cricket bats

Cricket bats may come in different sizes but the length of the cricket bat may be no more than 38 inches and the width no more than 4.25 inches. Cricket Bats are used by professional, Club, and beginners batsman.

Why English willow bat?

generally, the top batsman preferred English willow bats although Kashmir willow bats are also famous for its quality and durability but English willow bats are much lighter, softer and have best grains quality than the Kashmir willow bats and that is the reason it is preferred by most of the toppers and experienced batsman around over the world. However English willow bats are expensive as compare to Kashmir willow bats.

Recommendation and Maintenance English willow bats are recommended for playing with hard cricket ball. Before you start using the cricket bat, it requires knocking in and oiling. Knocking in is the process of striking the surface (face of the bat) with the old cricket ball. This will reduce the risk of bat snapping. The bat’s face need to be oiled with raw linseed oil before play to keep the bat’s surface tacky. It also acts as the protection layer on the wood and gives the better control of the shot to the batman

3 Types of Cricket Bats That You Can Purchase

cricket bat

cricket bat

cricket bat

cricket bat

cricket bat

cricket bat

Briovy Genius Virat Kohli Popular Willow Cricket Bat

Popular cricket bats are specialized cricket equipment to improve and help you to practice your cricket skill. There is no particular piece of wood in manufacturing of these cricket bats.

Briovy Genius Virat Kohli English Willow Cricket Bat

English Willow is the type of wood that is used for the production of professional cricket bats all over the world because it is the only wood that can provide strength and compression needed for the cricket ball.

Briovy Genius Virat Kohli Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Kashmir Willow are used in the production of bats as it is very tough and shock resistance, durable as well as very light in weight. That is the reason Kashmir willow bats are used by the professional cricket players.

Cricket Bat Cricket Bat

Cricket bats are the specialized equipment used the cricket players.

English willowKashmir willowPopular willow

Are you asking yourself “what cricket bat size is right for me?” Good, because it is a very valid question. In fact, being in-the-know with cricket bat sizes and selecting the right one is one of the most important purchasing decisions when it comes to buying a cricket bat.

health and safety factors

Choosing the correct cricket bat size is of paramount importance because it heavily impacts on the way you play, your freedom of movement and your range of shots. There are also some health and safety factors to take into account. All will be revealed here.

This cricket bat size guide will explain, in detail, both senior cricket bat sizes and junior cricket bat sizes, as well as those specially crafted to suit women, teenagers and adults of a smaller stature.

Before you learn more about cricket bat sizes, it is worth knowing the elements that make-up a cricket bat.

The blade of a cricket bat is a wooden block, typically made by English willow, which has many different grades available to consumers, that is generally flat on the striking face (though some have rounded edges) and with a ridge on the back, which provide ammunition to the hitting zone in the middle of the bat. Generally speaking, the laws dictate that the length of a cricket bat may be no more than 38 inches (96.5cm) and the width no more than 4.25 inches (10.8 cm).

These cricket bats are brilliant for adults of a smaller stature and teenagers that are not quite strong or tall enough to adopt a regular short handle cricket bat. If your height is in that transitional phase, or you have tried and failed to become completely at ease with a short handle due to height or weight restrictions, this cricket bat size could be right for you.

 Men’s/Academy Cricket Bats Men’s/Academy Cricket Bats

Cricket Bats

We bring to you this combination of cricket ball along with a bat which is suitable for kids who want to enjoy a game of tennis ball cricket. The bat is suitable for playing with light weight tennis balls only and is not suitable for deuce ball cricket. Cricket bats are the specialized equipment used by the cricket players. Cricket bats may come in different sizes but the length of the cricket bat may be no more than 38 inches and the width no more than 4.25 inches. Cricket Bats are used by professional, Club, and beginners batsman. The cricket bats are made for different style of play.

Cricket Bat playing only 8 -15 years boys & girlshe bat is meant for playing with light weight tennis ball onlyaide of popular willow Light Weight Cricket

The ball is yellow in color and is light weight. It is suitable for tennis ball cricket. The bat is made from popular willow and features a short handle with a easy grip to play the shots you want with ease. Enjoy a good game of cricket with this bat and ball combination made for your leisure.

Superb Pick-up

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