Cosco CB-885 Aluminium, Steel Badminton Racket-3/4 Cover

Price: ₹920 - ₹899.00
(as of Feb 02,2023 01:32:43 UTC – Details)

A multi-coloured tennis essential which offers a host of benefits to an intermediate level sportsman comes with a COSCO racquet name. Essentially meant for the men folk who revel in their striking abilities, this sporting essential has lots more in favour of it, than those that actually meet the eye! It comes as a wise move to order this racquet online without having to run from pillar to post scouting for this branded sporting accessory. So, without even wasting a minute choose this tennis racquet to be at the receiving end of a plethora of benefits. The Racquet – As it Meets the Eye The Cosco 23 Tennis racquet comes with a beam width of 1.5 cm, accompanied by a height measuring 5.08 cm. This sporting accessory comes as a perfect gaming companion for teenagers who are gearing up to hone their strikes and strokes. A loud shout out goes in favour of its high-quality strings which offer a greater resistance during every strike; thus making it the most patronized strung racquet amongst intermediate players. Buy One or Gift One Loaded with so many benefits that are waiting to be unleashed by beginners who are toiling to make it big with their interest in tennis, this tennis racquet demands a special mention. And when this a teamed with a pair of branded tennis shoes, there is no looking back for the beginner to make a mark for himself on any tennis court. Buy one for your teenager or choose to gift another to his close friend, the choice is yours! Ideal for Men With so many positives in favour of the Cosco 23 Tennis racquet, this sporting essential comes as a perfect mate for men to swing their arms in retort to a serve from their opponents in a friendly match.
Composition:Cosco Aluminium Alloy
Increases the racquet’s tensile strength and flexiblity
Best Suited for Recreational/ Hobby.
Aluminium Racket
Customer will receive the product as per stock availability

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