CW Scorer Cricket BAT with Mallet for Knocking Full Size Short Handle Cricket Men Full Size

Price: ₹1,949.00
(as of Jan 07,2023 02:58:01 UTC – Details)

Hit the ball higher with SCORER cricket bat, by famous brand CW. The Premium quality cricket bat prepared from genuine Kashmir Willow that nurtured in India. A lightweight yet strong blade with dense sweet middle allows you to hit the ball with both speed and power. Its round handle is made from selected willow to ensure durability and strength that gives a firm grip throughout to help you control the bat better and make those powerful shots. Precise weight convenient handle and the powerful blade that comes with thick edges accompany curved spine to provides potent sweet spot to endure hard hits. Ideal for club and academy players.
DESIGN & WEIGHT: Precise design and shape for the best performance. This unique shape delivers superb pick-up, making the bat feel lighter than it actually is and making it easy to control when swinging and hitting the ball. In lightweight, allowing you to hit the ball with both speed and power. With the right weight, you will be able to time the ball better and ultimately make more runs.
COMFORTABLE & STRONG HANDLE: It features an excellent handle, reinforced with firmly wound string and a rubber sleeve for enhanced durability, and is made for use with leather balls. The cricket bat is easy to grip and hold, thanks to a high-quality rubber sleeve. Offering extra comfort when holding the bat, this handle allows for longer practice sessions time and time again.
COVER & GRIP: Includes grip & cover free. It’s Outfitted with a high-quality rubber sleeve for extra comfort, the cricket bat is easy to grip and hold for lengthy periods of time. This comfortable handle allows for longer practice sessions so you can enjoy playing for hours on end. Along with protector cover the full size of the bat.

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