Electrorush Plus Orange Flavour Energy Drink Juice with Electrolyte, Nutrients, Vitamin C, Minerals, Energy Booster, Pack of 8 (200 ml Each)

Price: ₹320.00
(as of Dec 22,2022 12:42:03 UTC – Details)

Product Description

energy drinkenergy drink

vitamin cvitamin c


sports man drinksports man drink

instant energyinstant energy

sugar boostersugar booster

Drink whenever you feel low on energy or experience fatigue – be it post-workout, travel, or when you feel exhausted at work.
Contains Vital Electrolytes, Vitamin C, and Glucose to give you a boost of energy whenever you desire.
It Can be Consumed by all age Groups.
Orange flavour that is sure to become your Top favourite.
Perfect for people looking for a healthier alternative to coffee or tea.

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