Jaspo Smash Hard High Tempered Steel Shaft Racket Badminton Set with 6 Nylon Shuttlecocks for Beginner/Intermediate for Training Practice. (Orange)

Price: ₹1,399 - ₹699.00
(as of Jan 03,2023 22:36:37 UTC – Details)

Jaspo smash hard badminton racket is best item for kids.The shaft of badminton racquet is made of high quality tempered steel, aluminum shaft that provides you a durable racquet. Aerodynamic technology isometric shape offering you more strength and reduces efforts that you can play with ease. It’s is made with very solid material that will not damage easily and you can use it for more time period. This racquet is Anti-slip grip PU grip handle that will provide you grip even on sweaty hands. Racquet equipped with triple layer ST strings that enable more powerful shorts. It’s suitable for all age group whether he/she is beginner or a professional. You can enjoy with your family and friends at streets, home, beach side and playgrounds. This set is fully portable, you can easily carry it where you want to play. More convenient to use and handle. Nylon shuttlecock is made up with very fine nylon material. This will not tear up easily so there is no issue of damage. You are getting 6pc of nylon shuttle that is big advantage for you because you can play for longer time period that means its durable product for you.

  1. High Tempered aluminium shaft.
  2. Aerodynamic technology.
  3. Isometric Frame.
  4. Anti-Slip grip
  5. Fully Portable.

Greater grip: Racquet has very good grip control that is very easy to handle. It is made with anti-slip EVA material that will help you to play in all weather. You will also get rid from injury occur while sweating. You can easily play without any slipping issue. It will also increase your play-ability and strength to play.
Portable: These racquets are fully portable to you, you can carry it anywhere you want. You can enjoy your game at homes, playgrounds, beach areas etc. It is very convenient to use for all age group whether he or she is professional or a beginner.
Nylon shuttlecock: Nylon feather shuttlecock is latest innovation that is designed for making damage risk to zero because feather of this shuttle is made up of nylon that can’t be tear or damage easily. Its cock is made up of wooden in very light weight so that it can be more conveniently handle.
Outdoor activities: If you love to play outdoor games then have this latest innovated badminton racket and nylon shuttlecock. This is more convenient and easy to handle. It is more convenient, portable and light weighted product. It will also increase your play ability and strength to play.

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