LIVOX Comfortable Fit 4 Cricket Bat Rubber Grips Set with 1 Wooden Cricket Bat Cone (Multicolor) – Pack of 5

Price: ₹1,250 - ₹360.00
(as of Jan 22,2023 21:34:50 UTC – Details)

Bat Cone (Multicolor) – Pack of 5

A cricket bat is a tool of joy for many and a source of income for a lucky few. Regardless, a good cricket bat is nothing if it does not have a good grip. It is the grip that serves as the point of contact between you and your bat. If your bat is an extension of your body on the cricket field, the grip is the ligament that binds you to it. Cricket Bat Grips offer you a premium option to wrap around your bat’s handle. These grips and cone provide premium quality functionality with shock absorption and extra cushioning. More importantly, you feel in control when you use these grips and wooden cone. They are a great way to get the best out of your bat.

This pack of 4 grips gives you a great product made with extreme caution towards safety and performance. The high-quality synthetic rubber used in these grips provides superior traction with the bat handle and gives the batsman a soft feeling without compromising control and cricket bat Cone is made of high-quality wood wich is easily insert in these grips.

These Bat Grips are not only efficient at what they offer, but they are also built for regular usage.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out your career or already playing on a high level, these grips are ideal for you.

These grips are specially designed for comfort and shock absorption.

Our Ergonomic cone design helps the players for easy application of grip to bat handle.

Package Contains: Set of 1 Cricket Bat Handle Gripper Cone with Set of 4 Bat Handle Grips (Pack of 5)
Performance and Durability: Excellent shock absorption which allows players to have seamless batting experience. High quality material and flawless feel enhances the durability of the product. Our products are thoroughly tested for durability and safety.
Easy to use and Flexible: – These rubber grips and wooden cricket bat cone are easy to use and these are Durable and flexible Quality Batting Grip which Helps to built stroke of the bat with better shock absorption
Ergonomic Design: Our Ergonomic cone design helps the players for easy application of grip to bat handle.
Grip Cone: Ideal for fast and easy fitting of rubber grip on cricket bat handle
Player Level: Our bat grips are made to suit all levels of players from Beginners to Professionals.
Pack of 5 (Set of 4 Grips and 1 Cricket Bat Handle Gripper Cone)

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