SG Max Cover Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat ( Size: Short Handle,Leather Ball )

Price: ₹1,699.00
(as of Dec 21,2022 22:02:40 UTC – Details)

Traditionally Styled Economical Willow The SG Max Cover Kashmir willow cricket bat is manufactured by Sanspareils Greenlands, popularly known as SG. It is made from Kashmir willow, which is considered to be the most economical willow. For ensuring maximum stability and easy pick up, this Kashmir willow cricket bat has been given a traditional shape and its weight has been evenly distributed throughout. Made from Sarawak cane, the bat handle provides excellent power and control. Thanks to the high sweet spot of the bat, this bat is ideal for shot makers.Fabric Covering for Extra Protection To ensure maximum durability, the face of the bat as well as the spine are covered in fabric. The bat is also covered with a grain-faced tape to give it a smooth finish and a stylish look. Its Chevtec grip ensures maximum grip and better control. The SG Kashmir willow cricket bat has a thick edge, so even when a batsman miscues the ball, he is still likely to get a bounday. Now you do not have to worry about your SG cricket bat getting damaged due to dust and moisture as it comes with a full length cover. Brand: SG Intended for: Beginners Handle Material: Sarawak cane Blade Material: Kashmir willow Grip Type: Chevtec grip Handle Length: 8 to 12 inches Dimensions: 4.25 (W) x 33.5 (H) inches Weight: 1,220 to 1,300 g
Suitable For: Leather Ball | Weight: 1170-1220gm | Sweet Spot: Medium | Spine Profile: Medium
Playing Style: All-Round
Handle-Singapore cane handle with special 3 way insertion of rubber in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption.

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