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Don’t you hate it when a financial pundit makes a prediction but fails to mention both a time and a number in the same sentence? And then, if he or she gets it wrong, it’s on to the next bright idea.

we want to hear from you

What stock do you think will perform particularly well and why in the next year? What stock would you sell? Tell us in the form at the end of the article.

Heard on the Street does things a bit differently. Our stock-picking contest, now in its sixth year, will run through Aug. 4, with our wins and losses updated periodically. Over three weeks in August 2022, our 15 columnists based in six global cities gave you our best ideas in the form of a column in which we laid out our argument for or, in the case of a “short” idea, against a stock.

Will our picks make us look like geniuses, or will they age like a glass of milk in the Sahara? Please check back frequently as the results roll in, and over the course of the year to see which columnist will walk away with the bragging rights for the highest-performing pick.

Note: Returns from date of column through Feb. 24

Source: FactSet

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