Wolfer T20 Club Edition Leather Cricket Ball – Pack of one (White)

Price: ₹830.00 - ₹416.00
(as of Dec 11,2022 02:19:04 UTC – Details)

Wolfer grade a supreme county white leather ball is a hard, solid ball used to play cricket at various levels and under different climatic conditions. Made of alum tan English leather layered with tightly wound string, and covered by a leather case with a slightly raised sewn seam, the white leather ball swings more than the red ball. Wolfer grade a supreme county white leather ball is suitable for the highest levels of competition, the covering is constructed of four pieces of leather. The “equator” of the ball is stitched with string to form the ball’s prominent seam, with six rows of stitches. The remaining two joins between the leather pieces are stitched internally. The ball is stitched using superior quality thread and the number of stitches vary between 75 and 80. The thickness of this ball is between 3.5 to 4 mm and is ideal for india conditions. Designed for budding talents and cricketing enthusiasts this cricket ball’s outer shell has been crafted out of the best quality leather and its core has been made from Portuguese cork enveloped in superior grade wool. Featuring alum tanned leather cover, this four-piece ball is ideal for all your club, corporate, and school matches. Delivers power-packed performance even when you play the game during a light drizzle, the quality of the cricket ball will not be affected as it is constructed using waterproof material. Furthermore, the toughened inner core of the wolfer grade a supreme county white leather ball makes it extremely durable, letting you play competitive matches with full vigour and enthusiasm. You can extract excellent swing movement with this four-piece white cricket ball as white balls are known to swing more than the red ones.
Wolfer Club Edition Ball is made as per MCC standards and due to high quality material used its very comfortable to catch and field and doesn’t hurt on palms even when hit with force.
Good quality centre construction encased with layers of top quality Portuguese cork wound with 100 percent wool

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